December 31, 2012

Start the New Year by being Pro-Active!

We see it every New Year. Fresh faces start showing up at health clubs and after a month or so, those faces start to disappear. Oh, and we can't forget all of those classic smokers who say they are going to quit but usually only make it only a day or 2. Maybe the goal is to start eating more healthy? What ever it is, most people don't last long or they never even make it out of the starting gate.

I don't fully criticize people for falling off the wagon so quickly because they at least had it in their mind that they wanted to make changes their life.Having set goals in life is a good thing. It's good for the mind and it's what keeps many people going. So, why do people never really get going?

Lack of motivation! We all have different stresses in our life and those stresses can have detrimental effects on us. Lack of motivation is one of them. 2 other things that can happen are, we don't exercise and we eat unhealthy.You ever hear that saying, "You are what you eat"?Well, it's true. When you eat unhealthy, you will ultimately feel unhealthy and become unhealthy.

Diet and exercise is one of the first places we look to. It is a fact that when people feel unhealthy they aren't very productful. There is no quick and easy fix for this and no one is going to do it for you. I think with most people that make change happen, a day of reckoning occurs where they have an inner conversation with themselves and say, enough is enough! Seeing and feeling changes by ones hard work is a great thing. Feeling healthy is even better. So, be Pro-Active and make it happen!

Here is to a happy and healthy New Year!

Woodward Medical Center


  1. Your blog is very nice and cool. motivation of someone who can make it hard to maintain their health. thank you for sharing